Can A Deaf Dog Hear A Dog Whistle

dog whistle

Typically, when considering dogs with disabilities, our minds tend to gravitate toward those with apparent physical abnormalities, such as missing one or more limbs or eyes or being paralyzed. Unfortunately, we may fail to recognize the invisible disabilities a dog could be coping with. Deafness is one such concealed challenge. Deafness in dogs can be … Read more

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Can I Brush My Dog Every Day?

brushing a dog

Brushing your dog’s fur is an essential aspect of pet care or dog ownership that should not be neglected. Regular brushing keeps your dog’s coat looking shiny and healthy and helps prevent matting, tangles, and other skin problems. In fact, most dogs and owners enjoy brushing sessions and don’t mind even if the session goes … Read more

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Can Dog Eat Soybean?

dog eat soybean

Due to their omnivore nature, dogs are known to consume a variety of food sources (both animal and plant origin). One plant-based source that has been gaining popularity in recent years is soybeans, a common ingredient in many commercial dog foods that usually go unnoticed. So, the presence of soybean in the ingredient list surprises … Read more

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Can Dogs Eat Activia Yogurt?

Many people choose Activia yogurt to improve their digestive health. So considering it’s health benefit and nutritional value, you may be wondering if Activia yogurt is a safe food option for your pet dog as well. But, can dogs eat Activia yogurt? In this article, we will explore whether or not dogs can safely consume … Read more

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Can My Dog Eat Brussels Sprouts?

can dog eat brussels sprout

Dogs are known to be omnivores, meaning they can consume both animal and plant-based foods. However, not all human foods are safe for dogs, and some may even be toxic to them. Brussels sprouts are a vegetable many humans enjoy, and you may wonder if it’s okay to share them with your pet. In this … Read more

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What Do Savannah Monitors Eat?

savannah monitor diet

In wild, savannah monitors are carnivorous therefore adult monitors diet consist of bird, smaller reptile, frogs, julus millipedes , carrion and so on while young savannah monitors feed on snails, slugs, grasshoppers, earthworms, cockroaches, crickets and other invertebrates. Juvenile savannah diet will include small vertebrates as they grow older. In their natural habitat, savannah monitor’s … Read more