Can Bearded Dragons Eat Scrambled Eggs?

bearded dragon eat scrambled eggs

For most people throughout the world, eggs are at the top of the list of options available for breakfast. This is not only because eggs are highly nutritious, but they are also easy to prepare. But are eggs as beneficial for bearded dragons as they are for humans? As a caring beardie owner, if you … Read more

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Pears?

bearded dragon eat pears

Pears are liked for their juiciness, sweet taste and high nutritional profile. If you are a pear and reptile lover at the same time, it’s natural for you to wonder, “can I share pears with my bearded dragon?”. Since bearded dragons are omnivores and can eat many fruits and vegetables, the great news is that … Read more

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Smell Like Fish?

bearded dragon smell bad

Naturally, when you want to adopt a pet, you want to get basic information about it. This is true for reptile lovers too who wish to adopt a bearded dragon. “Do bearded dragons smell?” is one of the few questions reptile fanciers frequently ask. In addition, many first time beardie owners feel (a few weeks … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Throw Up?

bearded dragon throw up

In this post, we will try to answer another most commonly asked question by novice bearded dragon owners “can bearded dragons throw up?” In fact, many experienced beardie owners get frightened when they see their bearded friend throwing up. Yes, bearded dragons can throw up. Vomiting or throwing up is never a good sign however … Read more

What Animal Eats Bearded Dragons?

beardie predators

While looking at the name given to these reptiles “dragon,” you may have assumed that they are at the top of the food pyramid. However, facts are  bit different and you may be surprised to read that bearded dragons are the favorite meal of many animals and birds due to their small size in the … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tomatoes?

bearded dragon eat tomato

Tomatoes are OK for bearded dragons to consume, but only if they are given in very small amounts and only once a month. Bearded dragons may consume fresh tomatoes provided that the tomatoes are not fried and are of the appropriate ripeness. However, similar to celery and carrots, they are best consumed in moderation. Why … Read more