Do Water Dragons Lose Their Tails?

water dragon tail

Among the reptiles, water dragons and bearded dragons are the most sought-after lizards to be kept as pets. Water dragons are distinguished from other lizards because all four limbs of water dragons are well-developed, each with five claws at the end. In addition, water dragons have a tail longer than their bodies. Since water dragons … Read more

What Human Food Can Water Dragons Eat?

water dragon diet

In the world of exotic pets, few are as unique as the water dragon. The water dragon is a type of lizard native to Australia, Southeast Asia, and New Guinea, and it isn’t all that uncommon for people who love exotic pets. They are also called Thai water dragons, Chinese water dragons, and green water … Read more

Are Water Dragons Good Beginner Pets?

water dragon pet

Pets bring a lot of joy and happiness into our lives, but they also bring a lot of responsibility. Water dragons might be the ideal choice for you or your kids if you’re looking for a decent beginner pet. In general, water dragons can be an ideal beginner pet for you if you have an … Read more

Are Water Dragons Poisonous To Dogs?

are water dragon poisonous

Dogs, by instinct, will always want to snoop around and attack or bite anything that captivates their interest, including other animals like water dragons. However, when a dog kills or attacks a water dragon, some dog parents are concerned as to whether the reptile is poisonous to their dog or not. According to some studies, … Read more