What Happens if My Dog Drinks Spoiled Milk?

dog drinks milk

Milk is an incredibly common household ingredient, almost everyone has a carton of milk or two in the refrigerator. After a couple of weeks, milk spoils and starts giving off an all-too-familiar sour scent that lets you know it is time to throw it out. However, what if your dog gets into your trash or … Read more

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What Does It Mean When a Stray Dog Follows You?

stray dog

There are several different reasons to explain why a stray dog may be following you around. In this article, we’ll discuss three of the most common reasons that a stray dog would follow you as well as what your next steps should be. Reasons a Stray Dog is Following You It is Seeking Care  The … Read more

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Are Crackers Good for Dogs?

crackers for dogs

Crackers are a versatile, tasty option for a quick snack. Many people enjoy different varieties of crackers from salty crackers to go with a cheese board to sweet graham crackers for smores. While enjoying your crackers, you may wonder if you can share their deliciousness with your dog. In this article, we’ll discuss whether or … Read more

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Can A Deaf Dog Hear A Dog Whistle

dog whistle

Typically, when considering dogs with disabilities, our minds tend to gravitate toward those with apparent physical abnormalities, such as missing one or more limbs or eyes or being paralyzed. Unfortunately, we may fail to recognize the invisible disabilities a dog could be coping with. Deafness is one such concealed challenge. Deafness in dogs can be … Read more

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Can I Brush My Dog Every Day?

brushing a dog

Brushing your dog’s fur is an essential aspect of pet care or dog ownership that should not be neglected. Regular brushing keeps your dog’s coat looking shiny and healthy and helps prevent matting, tangles, and other skin problems. In fact, most dogs and owners enjoy brushing sessions and don’t mind even if the session goes … Read more

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Can Dog Eat Soybean?

dog eat soybean

Due to their omnivore nature, dogs are known to consume a variety of food sources (both animal and plant origin). One plant-based source that has been gaining popularity in recent years is soybeans, a common ingredient in many commercial dog foods that usually go unnoticed. So, the presence of soybean in the ingredient list surprises … Read more

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