How to Introduce Your Cat to Your Baby?

introduce cat to baby

Arrival of new baby is a joyous and proud moment for parents but for cat it can be stressful and frightening. Celebratory event for family but for your pet it means major changes to the surrounding and routine he/she is familiar with. Your house now has diapers, cribs, baby toys and many other objects unfamiliar … Read more

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How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Peeing Everywhere?

stop cat peeing everywhere

If your cat is peeing on the bed or the sofa, then please remember that she is not being naughty neither is she trying to take revenge. Never punish your cats if they urinate in unfortunate places. In situations like these try to figure out the root cause of this problem. Cat is trying to … Read more

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What to Feed a Sick Cat That Won’t Eat?

sick cat that wont eat

Cats can be many things, but being a great communicator is certainly not one of them. It means that on a strange occasion when sickness happens to take over, there are many questions about what the problem may be. Especially when it comes to illness and diarrhea things may end up getting much worse. There … Read more

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Choosing Toys for Cat?

Toys for cats

Cat loves toys. Toys pique their interest and encourages activity which satisfies their natural predatory instincts. This is so important for their physical and mental health. When they are engaged in physical activity, it prevents boredom ,feeling of frustration and separation anxiety which if let unchecked can lead to unwanted behaviors such as scratching, chewing … Read more

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How to Keep a Cat from Going Outside?

How to Keep a Cat from Going Outside

Keeping your cat from going outside can be a struggle.  Read this article to learn what you can do to prevent an escape. Why Keep Your Cat Inside? Do you ever wonder if keeping your cat inside is worth the effort?  In many cases, the answer is yes! Many domesticated house cats have never been … Read more

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How to Train Your Cat to Ride in a Pet Carrier?

Cat Carrier

Many pet owners love to travel with their pet and in some cases they need to transport their pet to some other locations or bring their pet to vet, in such situations pet carrier is the safest way. Pet carrier provides the safety of carrier and reduces the chances of your pet getting lost. Trying … Read more

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