Are Water Dragons Good Beginner Pets?

Pets bring a lot of joy and happiness into our lives, but they also bring a lot of responsibility. Water dragons might be the ideal choice for you or your kids if you’re looking for a decent beginner pet.

In general, water dragons can be an ideal beginner pet for you if you have an interest in reptiles, particularly lizards. They are not very expensive, are easily available, require little maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about paying hefty vet bills as you would with cats or dogs.

If you are looking for your first pet, or for your children, or if you are interested in reptiles and want to keep one, water dragons may be for you. Read on to learn more about why water dragons are excellent beginner pets.

Do Water Dragons Make Good Beginner Pets?

Water dragons have all the qualities and characteristics that make them perfect as beginner pets. The main feature that makes water dragons an excellent beginner pet is their affordability; you won’t have to spend a ton of money to buy one. 

Unlike cats and dogs, they are quite easy to care for and do not require constant care and attention. Additionally, they don’t require much commitment, such as taking them outdoor for exercise. 

They are harmless creatures that are non-venomous to humans and do not transmit dangerous diseases like rabies. They have a small size which makes them an excellent choice for children since they can easily hold them and interact with them.

If you have an interest in reptiles and want to own one, I would recommend a water dragon as a good beginner reptile pet rather than a snake or a turtle because caring for snakes and turtles involves a lot of expertise and they are high-maintenance pets in comparison to water dragons.

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Why You Should Choose A Water Dragon As Your Beginner Pet?

The following are all reasons why you should choose a water dragon as your beginner pet:

  • The first reason is that water dragons are low-maintenance pets. You don’t have to groom them or bathe them. Their enclosures are also not very pricey and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on treats or toys. 
  • Water dragons are less expensive creatures that can be purchased from a reptile breeder or pet store. You don’t need to be concerned about spending as much money as you would on a dog with a great pedigree.
  • Water dragons make excellent beginner pets because you don’t have to worry about taking them to the veterinarian too often. As they don’t typically get sick and don’t require routine medical exams or vaccinations.
  • They require less living space because of their small size. You can simply keep a water dragon even if you only have a small apartment or room.
  • Water dragons are non-venomous to humans, and they also rarely bite, in contrast to some snakes and lizards. They won’t bite if you touch them gently and carefully.
  • Water dragons don’t require as much exercise as dogs and cats do, so you don’t have to worry about taking them on walks and to dog parks. Water dragons are the perfect beginner pet if you have a busy schedule.
  • Since they are reptiles, water dragons don’t have behavioral issues or separation anxiety and don’t need constant care and attention from their owners.
  • Since water dragons don’t make any noise and are utterly silent creatures, they make excellent beginner pets for anyone who prefers peaceful and quiet surroundings. 
  • Water dragons may appear to be boring creatures, yet this is not the case. Water dragons are highly intelligent creatures that will interact with you, particularly if you raise them from a young age.
  • The fact that water dragons don’t require a complex diet is one of the reasons they make wonderful beginner pets. They simply require their favorite insect diet.
  • Water dragons make good beginner pets since they are rarely aggressive and are simple to handle. You just need to be gentle and patient to hold a water dragon; you don’t need any skills or specific knowledge. Water dragons don’t need any special training either.

What are the factors you should consider?

A few important factors to consider when choosing a water dragon as your beginner pet are listed below:

  • You should provide your water dragon with ideal temperature, humidity, and lighting for them to live comfortably. 
  • If you plan on keeping multiple water dragons in the same enclosure, make sure there are no mature males in the group because they may fight.
  • Some water dragons only prefer to eat live insects
  • Their enclosure should be routinely cleaned, and the substrate should be changed.
  • Since water dragons are reptiles and are typically imported animals, keeping them as pets may not be permitted in some locations. Be cautious to verify the local laws governing pet ownership.
  • Every time you hold a water dragon, it is recommended that you wash your hands to prevent getting an infection like salmonella.

Is It Easy To Take Care Of Water Dragons For Beginners?

In general, it is not very complicated to care for a water dragon even if it is your first time. All you have to take care of is maintaining the ideal temperature ( 80°F-105°F) and humidity (50%-70%) in their enclosure. 

Provide them with appropriate enclosure space and light. Regularly clean their enclosure and provide a quality substrate. Other than that, just offer them insects they like to eat, such as crickets, Dubia roaches, etc.

Is It Safe For Children To Have Water Dragons As Beginner Pets?

Yes, it is completely safe for children to have water dragons as their beginner pets as they are easy to handle and care for. Your kids will enjoy interacting with their reptile pets and feeding them insects. 

They rarely bite children and are likewise non-venomous to them. However, to be on the safe side and prevent bacterial infections, you should have your kids wash their hands after touching the water dragon each time. 

Additionally, it is important to instruct your kids to be gentle and patient around the water dragons because they may bite if they feel threatened. Overall though, water dragons are safe and enjoyable beginner pets for kids.


Water dragons make great beginner pets, especially for kids or those with a passion for reptiles. They are fairly easy to upkeep and don’t have expensive requirements. They are also fascinating and safe creatures. However, you must ensure that you provide them with the optimal environment so they can live comfortably.