Can You Leave Bearded Dragon Alone For A Week?

Bearded dragons are reptiles and have the ability to live independently for brief periods of time; nevertheless, they must be kept warm and have access to food and water at all times (even if you are going away for a day only). Bearded dragons should not be left unattended for longer than three days at a period, and the ideal amount of time for them to be kept unattended is no more than two days. Therefore, it is essential that, if you are going to be apart from your bearded dragon for an extended period of time, you take the necessary precautions to ensure that it will have access to a warm habitat, as well as food and water.

In comparison to other common house pets such as cats and dogs, bearded dragons are considered one of the easier kinds of pets to keep as companion animals.

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stroking bearded dragon

Your pet bearded dragon, just like any other animal (that you could choose to keep as a companion), needs your attention and care in order to have a long, fulfilling, and healthy life. However, as far as the question “can you leave your bearded dragon alone” is concerned you need to keep to the time limit. Because, it is not a good idea to allow your bearded dragon to be unattended for an excessive length of time on several occasions. This is one of the reasons why it is so crucial for you to adhere to the time restriction.

Considering the timeline is especially crucial when you doubt that you will not be able to return before three days. So you need to ensure that your bearded dragon receives regular care to track its overall health. On the other hand, if you leave your bearded dragon alone for more than three days, the animal is likely to become agitated and, as a consequence, might put itself in harm’s way. Bearded dragon owners that are responsible will do all in their power to safeguard their bearded pets and ensure their safety.

Does Your Beardie’s Age Matter When You Leave It Alone?

baby beardie

Yes, your bearded dragon’s age is a significant factor when deciding whether to leave it alone. The younger the bearded dragon, the shorter the amount of time you should spend away from your pet. In the early phase of their lives (baby bearded dragons),  these pets are a lot like human children in that they demand continual care from their owners. As the owner, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders because the majority of these young beardies require daily care while they are still in their vulnerable stages. Therefore, even for only one night, it is not recommended that they be left alone. If you want to ensure that your newborn beardie develops normally, you need to interact with, care for, and look after it on a regular basis.

When the bearded dragon is in its juvenile stage, you may have a little more leeway with its care. A trip that requires an overnight stay is not problematic the vast majority of the time. On the other hand, you shouldn’t stay for more than one day. However, you should avoid your best to stay away for more than one day, especially when your bearded friend is still young. Because young bearded dragons have a higher metabolic rate and develop more quickly than adult bearded dragons, they require daily care and sustenance in order to stay up with the rate at which they grow.

holding bearded dragon

As far as adult beardies are concerned, when adult beardies are unable to locate food in the wild, they frequently go for many days without receiving any form of sustenance. The same holds true for domesticated beardies since they have sufficient fat stored in their bodily tissues to assist them in making it through a few days with ease. So if you have an adult bearded friend, going out to enjoy yourself should be OK, but you shouldn’t be gone for more than three days. When your bearded dragon gets a bit older, you also have the option of taking it on night trips.

What Arrangements Should Be Made When Going On Vacation For A Long Duration?

Sometimes you may have to stay away from your bearded friend for a few days for some unavoidable reasons. So if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t return before three days, you should follow the following instructions to ensure the safety of your bearded friend.

  • Tank’s Location: You should ensure that your beardie’s tank is placed in a comfortable, noise free location and away from direct sunlight. 
  • Cleanliness: You should thoroughly clean the tanks and make sure to remove skin sheds, fecal matter, and old tree branches and replace the substrate if needed. Don’t forget to replace or thoroughly clean water bowls. 
  • Bath Your Beardie: Give a warm bath to your bearded friend to help him hydrate and remain clean and comfortable (as he will not have a grooming session for a while in your absence). 
  • Provide Water: Ensure that your bearded friend has easy access to fresh and clean water all the time. 
  • Set Timers: It’s a good idea to invest in timers and set the day night schedule inside the vivarium as per your previous schedule. Also, recheck all your lights/bulbs and heater to ensure that they are working well. 
  • Check Thermostat: verify that your thermostat is working properly because maintaining the temperature (within the recommended range) inside the enclosure is crucial.  
  • Install A Webcam: Installing a webcam will help you keep an eye on your bearded friend, and you can call someone in case of an emergency.
  • Seek Friend’s or Neighbor’s Assistance: You can ask your friend or neighbor to look after your bearded friend. However, It is also not possible to transfer the entirety of the tank to a friend or member of the family. Therefore, it is still something I strongly advise that you have once a week checked on your bearded dragon by a friend or neighbor. I mean, the topic at hand is not restricted to only your bearded dragon. If there is no one in the house when the lights are automatically turned on and off by a timer on a daily basis, I would be concerned about the safety of my home as well. Therefore, finding someone willing to perform that activity once a week, as opposed to finding someone willing to do that activity every day, should be a lot simpler.


Bearded dragons are quite hardy, and in the wild, they can survive for many days when nothing is available to eat. However, in captivity, beardies depend on their human partners for many things, so leaving your bearded dragon alone for more than three days is not recommended. Things are more critical if you own a baby bearded dragon, which needs more regular care, and you can’t leave them unattended for more than a day. However, in case you have to leave your bearded dragon alone for a long duration for some unavoidable reasons, make sure to follow the instructions given above. If you do so, you will remain relaxed and comfortable mentally, that your bearded friend is safe and sound back at home.