7 Cat Sounds And Their Meaning

Cats are some of the domesticated animals that tend to communicate a lot to both other animals and humans. Cats make different noises to communicate different situations which will be highlighted in this post. Next time your cat makes noises, although it is unintelligible to us,understand that they are communicating you information about its situation and desire.

Here are 7 common cat sounds and their meaning


When a cat hisses, it feels threatened by either another animal or a human. Thus, when a cat hisses, it is typically in a mood to address its fears and defend itself. Thus, when a cat is hissing, it is best to leave it alone as approaching will make the cat aggressive. The intensity of the hiss may also depend on the cat or the situation. If your cat hisses with out any provocation, it is a indication of your cat being unwell or in pain. You should bring your cat to vet.


Chatter is a sound that lies between a bleat and a meow. Felines typically chatter out of frustration or excitement. A cat could chatter at something that is out of its reach, for example, when it sees a bird that is out of its reach. When a cat chatters, experts have stated that it means that there is something in the environment that has turned on its predatory nature. Chatters may also sound like the cat is mumbling.


This is the sound that cats are known for. Meows have various different meanings and also differ according to the cat making the sound and the situation. For example, a kitten may meow to get the attention of its mother. An older cat typically meows for different reasons depending on the situation. An older cat’s meow may mean that they are hungry or they need the door opened or they need someone to get off a couch. As one gets to know a cat, they become able to tell what a meow means at different times.


Yowls are more pronounced drawn-out sounds that are similar to moans, and they are usually made by female cats. In a typical feline fashion, the meaning of a yowl differs according to the situation. In certain situations, a yowl is a sign of heat which the cat gives off to attract a mating partner. In other situations, a yowl means a cat is threatened. Female card also yowls when they are bored. Keeping your cat actively engaged can sometimes put end to your cat’s yowls.

Trills and chirps:

These sounds are made by cats to get another animal’s attention. Cats also make these sounds when they urgently need a human’s attention. Mother cats, for example, can chirp to get the attention of their kitten. Cats also thrill and chirp when they are excited about something important and need a human’s attention.


A purr is one of the cat’s sounds with the most straightforward meaning. A purr means that a cat is happy and comfortable. Whenever a cat makes this sound, it means that they like its current situation.


Cats growl when they are in situation where they are angry, sense territorial threat and danger. In human language, cats growl basically means back off.  Unless your cat is not in imminent danger from other felines, it is better just to give your cat space when you hear your cat growling sound.

These are some of the most common cat sounds and what they mean. Note that cats are  smart animal and do not just make random sounds. They are conveying their state of mind through these sounds. Being able to understand these sound will greatly improve your relationship with your feline friend.