How Often Do Crested Geckos Shed?

crested gecko shedding

Crested geckos are classified as reptiles, but they share the characteristics of amphibians and thus like cooler environments. Just like other lizards, they shed old skins as well. It is their natural characteristic that allows them to grow. How often do crested geckos shed? Crested geckos shed their skin every two weeks or sometimes weekly, … Read more

Why Is My Leopard Gecko Glass Surfing?

leopard gecko glass surfing

Glass surfing is one of the peculiar behavior that leopard geckos exhibit that distinguish them from other household pets.  When a leopard gecko attempts to climb the glass wall of its enclosure while making paddling movements, that is referred to as glass surfing. Glass surfing in leopard geckos can be caused by mites, clod temperature, … Read more

Are Leopard Geckos Actually Smiling?Science Behind The Smile

leopard gecko smile

One of the most fascinating aspects of leopard geckos is their distinct smile, which is also one of the reasons they are becoming popular pets, particularly among reptile lovers. But do leopard geckos genuinely smile? In general, the smile of a leopard gecko is unintentional and does not express any of its feelings. Instead, a … Read more

What Noises Do Leopard Geckos Make?

leopard gecko noise

It’s a popular myth that leopard geckos don’t make noise or sounds because they are reptiles and tiny animals, however, this is far from the truth. Leopard geckos do make a variety of noises, and these noises are not unintentional; they have a purpose. In general, Leopard geckos can produce up to four different noises … Read more

How Fast Do Pet Leopard Geckos Grow?

baby leopard gecko

Leopard geckos are reptiles, so their growth rate and nutritional needs are considerably different from those of typical house pets like cats and dogs, for this reason, most individuals who keep leopard geckos as pets are often concerned about their growth. In general, pet leopard geckos grow quickly, and by the age of 18 to … Read more

Can Leopard Geckos Eat Hornworms?

leopard gecko hornworm

Leopard geckos are fascinating reptiles, and the best way to keep them healthy and active is to feed them a nutritious diet. If you own a leopard gecko, you might be curious about whether it can consume hornworms in addition to other feeder insects. In general, leopard geckos can eat hornworms, and they appear to … Read more