Do Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Each Other?

There are many people who like to keep bearded dragons as a pet; in fact, a large number of dragon lovers own more than one bearded dragon. As a dragon fancier (who is looking to own a dragon), you may have heard many weird things about bearded dragons. Like bearded dragons eat their babies, or they eat each other, fight too much, or they need to keep in separate containers. This article will clarify your confusion by explaining their cannibalistic nature, causes, and other related concerns. First, let’s see one-word answers to bearded dragon lovers’ most commonly asked queries.

  • Are bearded dragon cannibals?…………………………..No
  • Do baby bearded dragons eat each other?…………………. Yes
  • Do bearded dragons eat their babies?…………………………. Yes
  • Do bearded dragons fight a lot with each other?………….. Yes
  • Can bearded dragons injure or kill each other?………………. Yes

Let’s have a deeper look into the matter.

Are Bearded Dragons Cannibals?

Scientists don’t have any valid reason to declare bearded dragons as “cannibalistic.” However, it has been observed that two bearded dragons living peacefully can be involved in the fight at any time for other reasons.During the fight, it is possible that they may eat some part of each other’s body (like limbs, nails, etc.), and the lost part will never grow again.

Do Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Each Other? / Can I Keep Two Baby Dragons Together?

Both the questions can be answered “Yes,” baby bearded dragons can live peacefully or be kept together for the first few days of their life. You may have seen more than one baby bearded dragon in one container at pet shops, but this is not recommended. Keep in mind that even baby bearded dragons can develop territorial instincts and may fight, injure or even kill each other. So putting multiple baby beardies in the same space poses the same risk as keeping two or more adult bearded dragons.

In addition, a baby bearded dragon may misperceive another baby beardie’s tiny toe or tail as moving prey and bite it. And this will lead to terrible fighting that will most probably end when one of them is badly injured or dead.

Why Baby Bearded Dragons Kill Each Other?

As stated above, bearded dragons are not cannibals; still, they fight, injure or kill, and even eat each other. The primary reasons for this kind of behavior are

  • Bearded dragons (baby or adult) are strictly solitary and territorial by instinct. So they don’t like to share their space with anyone else.
  • As the baby bearded dragon grows a little old, they start fighting for food, and mostly, the fight ends only when one claimant is left.
  • Due to their territorial nature, they will also fight to establish dominance. 
  • Bearded dragons (baby or adult) will also try to occupy the place near the heat or light source, and the result we know. Even if the dominant one doesn’t kill others, lack of heat can lead to many life-threatening digestive issues.
  • If you add a new bearded dragon in a container where one bearded dragon is already living, he may perceive the newcomer as an intruder and try to get rid of him.

Do Bearded Dragons Eat Their Babies?

You may feel weird and disgusted to know that your pet can eat its own babies, but it’s true. Because bearded dragons are so intensely territorial and solitary by nature, they don’t tolerate their babies, especially when resources (like food, space, etc.) are limited. 

In addition, bearded dragons (even mothers) don’t have any maternal instinct and cannot recognize their babies. So they treat every young one as a stranger or perceive tiny creatures as food or prey.

Can You Keep Two Adult Male Bearded Dragons Together?

No, you can’t keep two male adult bearded dragons in one container. They will fight, injure or even kill each other for the reasons discussed above. They may eat each other’s legs, nails, or other body parts during the fight.

Can You Keep Two Adult Female Bearded Dragons Together?

Keeping two female bearded dragons seems a better option; still, it is not recommended. They may not badly injure or kill each other; still, they will surely compete for food, heat, light, and a better place in the container. That means the less dominant member will have a poor quality of life and develop medical issues soon.

Can You Keep An Adult And A Baby Bearded Dragons Together?

Not at all, don’t even think about it. Due to their solitary and territorial nature, the adult bearded dragon will not tolerate a baby bearded dragon, and the baby dragon will disappear soon (because it has been eaten).