How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Peeing Everywhere?

If your cat is peeing on the bed or the sofa, then please remember that she is not being naughty neither is she trying to take revenge. Never punish your cats if they urinate in unfortunate places. In situations like these try to figure out the root cause of this problem. Cat is trying to make itself heard that something is wrong with them. So if you have ever found yourself in such a situation, go through our list below and try to find the solution!

There must be some medical issue with the cat

If you notice that your cat is behaving differently and is having behavioral issues, then schedule an appointment with the vet as soon as possible. This usually applies here and includes cat peeing on the bed.

Only serious medical issues will make your cat pee in different places, and the cat would avoid using the litter boxes. A few of these conditions are urinary tract infections, diabetes, and arthritis, along with a few other painful conditions.

Relationship issues can make a cat urinate at incorrect places

Relationship issues with other home pets can cause cats to act out and as a result pee in all the wrong places. These issues can be either nominal or serious. These fights can range from territorial disputes to status. Dogs can also cause stress to cats. However, the result is the same, cats urinating at inappropriate places.

These situations need to be addressed at the earliest, cats should be kept at a separate place and then introduced to the other pets again. Other than that you should add more furniture for the cats that are only theirs like tall pieces that cats use to sit or some toys.

The cats show their superiority by their sitting arrangement as well. Sitting at elevated places makes them feel secure and gives them the surety that they will not be attacked. These places should be more than 5 feet high. Other things to add are scratching pots so that they can mark their area by scratching the surface.

Peeing in places that are higher than the ground level makes the cat feel safe

Why do you think the cat pees on chairs, sofas, and beds? It is because they feel safe when they are at a certain height. The higher surface is perfect for the cats to escape threatening situations. Cats have survival instinct in nature. Hence, they are naturally inclined towards wanting to feel safe and looking after themselves.

At times, peeing at such places is a sign that your cat does not feel safe in the litter box. It is easier for cats to escape other predating animals because they can keep an eye on them from an elevated view.

The litter box itself might be the issue

Sometimes, it might be the fault of the cat’s caretaker as well. The cats are not happy or satisfied with their litter box. They might feel unsafe in them. Or they could even think that litter box can be an easy target for other animals to trap them.

Subject to the situation, you can help your cat feel better and not pee in unfortunate places by making a few simple changes to the litter box.

  • Give your cat a choice. Place two or more litter boxes throughout the house to give them the element of surprise.
  • If you have more than a cat, then place more than one litter box in the house. It is best to have one litter box for each cat.
  • Place the litter box strategically. The location plays an important role. Place them in place with a 360-degree view so that they feel safe.
  • Do not place the boxes in suffocating places such as closets and storerooms.
  • Ensure that the litter box does not have a lid.
  • Take special care of the cleanliness of the box.

Cats can feel separation anxiety as well

By peeing on the bed, the cats can also point towards missing you. Cats are very social by nature. They are also very sensitive. They tend to miss their parents if they are separated for long periods. They start getting anxious and feel that they are punished. They feel close to humans when they smell their scent.

Even though, separation anxiety in humans and pets is very triggering. There are few precautions that you can take to make your cat not feel alone when you are away. These steps involve having a second caretaker. Make sure to make your cat familiar with this person. And visit them once or twice a month. So that when they visit them in your absence they won’t feel frightened. They can indulge with the cat by playing various games and activities that the cat likes. Another thing that you can do is leave some of your things for your cat. It could be anything that gives off your scent. Just wrap it in a ziplock and leave them with your pet-sitter.


Cats urinating at inappropriate places sends a very memo that something is potentially wrong with them. Even though it is very frustrating for the owner, but it should be dealt with calm and not fury. Do not punish your cat no matter how angry you are. Instead, try to work out why your cat is having this problem and what could be the potential reason behind such behavior. Then consult a professional and get yourself and your furball help!