How to Stop Dog Fighting Each Other?

You have two dogs at home and they just don’t get along with each other. This often leads to fights, ones that can be dangerous. Another situation you might be faced with is your dog trying to fight another dog when you go out for a walk.

This may be cute when it’s a small dog because you can easily control it. However, when there are larger dogs looking to go at it, things quickly become more difficult and scarier too. We will discuss how to stop dogs fighting each other in this article.

Neutering and Spaying

One of the best ways to prevent dogs from fighting in the first place, especially males, is to neuter them. This is called spaying for females, but this applies more to male dogs than females.

Females in heat can also be aggressive, although it really doesn’t compare to a male that still has all its bits intact.

Unneutered male dogs can become overly aggressive, dominating, and territorial, especially towards other unneutered males. Neutered dogs are much calmer and more placid. If you get two unneutered and mature dogs together, chances are that they will fight at some point.

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However, there are many people who view neutering and spaying as a form of cruelty, which it very well may be, so you may not want to do this.

Feed Dogs Separately

The fight for food is as old as time itself. Yes, even humans still fight for food in some places of the world. This fight is nothing more than a survival instinct, one which all animals have to a certain degree, and yes, this includes dogs.

If you have multiple dogs, when it comes to feeding time, the larger or more aggressive dog may try to bully the other dog and steal its food. This often leads to fights, especially in unneutered dogs and in dogs that may be suffering from some sort of trauma.

For instance, dogs coming from shelters often have behavioral issues. They may not want anybody or anything to go near their food out of fear that they won’t get a meal. A simple solution to this problem is to feed your dogs in separate rooms.

Those Toys

Another thing which may cause your dogs to fight is if they both have a toy which they really love. Dogs can be quite possessive of toys and various items. If you have two dogs that both want to be top dog, and there is a toy involved, this can very well lead to a fight.

That said, many dogs, while they may appear to be fighting, are actually just engaging in boisterous and rough play. However, if you feel that it is getting out of control, removing the toy from the situation, or providing your dogs with many more toys to reduce their competitiveness for the toys may help.

Show Equal Affection

If you have a dog that you really love, and then you get a new dog, chances are that you might end up showing one of them more affection than the other. Dogs are not stupid. They can sense this, and yes, they will get jealous. Showing equal affection to all of your pets can go a long way in preventing any fights from breaking out.

Choose Opposite Sexes

Something that can help prevent your dogs from fighting in the first place is if you get dogs of opposite sexes. Just like with humans, for one reason or another, male dogs are more likely to fight each other, as is the case with two female dogs.

However, males are much less likely to be aggressive towards females and vice versa. If you plan on having two dogs, stopping fights may be as simple as having a male and a female.

The Leash and Other Gear

Unfortunately, even when some dogs are neutered or spayed, they can still be very aggressive, territorial, and possessive.

If you notice that your dog often tries to fight other dogs when you go out for a walk, be sure to have it on a good leash, and if you need to, something like a Halti or a harness will help.

It may not stop the dog from wanting to fight, but it will help you keep a tight hold on the dog to prevent it from actually doing so. If you have a very aggressive dog, it’s best to avoid places like dog parks.

The Cesar Milan Rule

According to the Dog Whisperer himself, dogs should always receive discipline before getting affection. Simply put, well-trained and disciplined dogs that have structured lives and plenty to do are much less likely to be aggressive, possessive, or dominating. It all has to do with the way you train and handle your dog.


The unfortunate reality is that some dogs are more prone to fighting, aggression, and possessiveness than others. However, with the above tips and precautions, you may very well be able to cut down on the will of the dog to fight. At the very least, something like a good leash and avoiding the wrong areas can help prevent fights from breaking out.