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Puppy Sick Tired

Nobody knows your puppy better than you and you alone can detect when something is wrong with him. An animal cannot express itself with words but can show that it is sick through some abnormal behavior or explicit symptoms. Without alarm, for the safety of your puppy, act as fast as possible to put all the chances of healing on his side.

A healthy puppy is dynamic, fun to stay with and full of joy. However, your pet can sometimes be less active than other days. In this case, how do you know if your puppy is sick or just tired? Especially when you do not always have the opportunity to take him to the vet immediately for an exam. To prevent the risk of health problems in your sick puppy being treated late, look out for some of these symptoms:

–  Although a puppy needs a lot of rest, if you notice your puppy being lethargic consider taking your puppy to vet.

– If your puppy is making unusual sound constantly, your puppy might just be seeking your attention or it might be in some internal pain that requires a visit to vet. Observe your pet. If you feel, your puppy might have some health issues do not delay in bringing it to vet.

– There can be various reasons why a puppy might lose its appetite. If your puppy keeps refusing to eat even after your encouragement then it is a sign that your puppy is sick. If your puppy is vomiting too then you should immediately bring your pet to vet. It is a indication of much serious illness.

– Sick puppy will show sign of dizziness and disorientation.Low blood sugar or dehydration can cause dizziness in puppy. A immediate visit to vet is required if this symptoms persist in puppy.

– If you notice your puppy is repeatedly licking or scratching after one particular spot, it could be sign of skin problem.

– A sick puppy will frequently urinate indicating bladder infection (aka UTI). They will also excessively lick genital area.

– If your puppy is suffering from constant watery or bloody diarrhea with or without vomiting, you need to immediately bring your puppy to vet. It could be fatal diseases like Canine Parvovirus, Coccidia or Giardia.

What if the symptoms are not visible? The best thing to do is to inspect it. Check out for the signs of a healthy puppy.

– Check for any discharge in your puppy’s eyes. Consult vet if you see signs of cloudiness or discharge. Your puppy’s eyes should be bright and clear.

– A healthy puppy does not have any redness and discharge in his ear so you should check for such symptoms in your puppy. It should be free of smell too.

– Your puppy’s coat should be fluffy,shiny with glossy glow. If you see change in puppy’s coat then check for parasites such as fleas or ticks.

– You must also feel his abdomen for any sign of sickness. Check if it is swollen or potbellied which is a sign of ill puppy.

– The urine should be clear yellow in color with no smelly odor. If you notice blood or pus in the urine that is cloudy or dark then it is a symptom of urinary tract infection.Provide your puppy with plenty of clean and fresh water to drink.

– At the same time, check his temperature. The normal temperature for a newborn pup is between 95 F to 99 F. If your puppy body temperature falls below 92F or rises higher than 106 F, it is a sign that your puppy is sick. During the second and third weeks, normal temperature for a puppy is between 97 F to 100 F. In the fourth week, a puppy’s body temperature will range from 99.5 F to 102.5 F which is same as an adult dog.

– You should also check his nose to ensure it is fresh and moist but remember that it should not be wet from the discharge of the nose because it indicates sickness in puppy.  A warm and dry nose doe not necessarily means illness but if you observe unusual behavior with dry and warm nose, you should bring your puppy to vet right away. Also observe for any constant sneezing and coughing.


A sick puppy is not too complicated to detect especially when you know your animal well. For this, it is important that you pay maximum attention and be alert to any unusual behavior. It is important that you make your puppy feel comfortable. Show him love before giving him medicine. Know what makes him happy and make him feel safe, especially during his convalescence.

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