What to Feed a Sick Cat That Won’t Eat?

Cats can be many things, but being a great communicator is certainly not one of them. It means that on a strange occasion when sickness happens to take over, there are many questions about what the problem may be. Especially when it comes to illness and diarrhea things may end up getting much worse. There is a thin line between maintaining your cat’s strength and not worsening the disease that is ruining your cat’s belly.

However, there are ways to make sure that your cat can check all the previous boxes and overcome its disease problems in due course. It can take a little work on your part, and there may be some kind of trial and error as to what new foods your cat likes, but you can prepare some dishes that are perfect at the time you need them.

We have chosen the next five to get you started.

Start With A Classic

While cats and dogs are different in most things, this is certainly not the case with a traditional pet dish.

Rice and Chicken are known as the saviors of sick cats. If you want to balance your cat’s stomach a bit, this may include a great meal for your cat. It should be pointed out that there is a huge advantage for using rice and chicken i.e although it happens to be bland and soft, it still contains enough nutrients and calories to help your cat buddy regain his strength. When it comes to the flavor of the food, do not give in to those eyes that demand a little more flavor in their food.

Again, the key is soft, and you just have to set aside all sorts of spices if you are serious about your cat’s stomach returning to its former glory.

A Departure From the Classic

If this does not work out, it may be time to take a slightly different approach. Chicken and rice can be considered as standard foods when it comes to the recovery of your cat’s stomach, but there are substitutes for these ingredients that, according to other cat owners, can still have beneficial effects.

Now, it is about pasta and minced meat. Although the two ingredients are different, they contain similar properties to chicken and rice. If you go this way, be sure to cook the minced meat instead of frying it. The reason why is that you can boil the fat off, and fat is something that can make your cat’s stomach worse. Boil both foods before mixing and serving when they are cold.

All Liquid Diet

When we are sick, many of us fall back on a liquid diet. The same rules apply to cats, and especially chicken soup, you can continue to inject many important nutrients into your cat’s stomach while calming it down.
While there are many recipes for chicken cat soup, one of our favorites is as follows.
Take 1/4 cup chicken broth and 1/2 teaspoon of brewer’s yeast powder and combine. If you want to do even more good for your kitten, you are advise to add digestive enzymes and ascorbic acid to help speed up the process.
Concerning chicken broth, you should start with a few pounds of cooked chicken. Cover with water, and before you go on, add 1/4 cup of tomato juice to the mixture and let it simmer. Do not forget to remove the bones because they can be of great danger to your cat if swallowed. Of course, you should only aim to serve small portions of it to your cat while making sure that it has cooled before serving. Again, this simply is a short-term solution. While eating chicken in moderation is good for your cat, it does not provide all the essential nutrients.

Treat Your Cat Like a Baby Human

This next suggestion may raise some eyebrows, but countless testimonials suggest this works great.

Our suggestion, believe it or not, is to feed your cat with baby food. The reasoning behind it is pretty simple. This type of food was made in the simplest way because a baby’s stomachs cannot handle the wild brew of food consumed by adult adults. So it is the food that does not irritate your cat’s stomach, and that’s what you want.

However, we must be careful here. Check out the ingredient of baby foods before giving to your sick pet. Baby foods contain onions which can be harmful to cats.

Again, this is not a long term solution, but something that should work well while your cat is recovering.

Prescription Diet Plus Tuna Water

If you have already gone and seen your vet, there is a reasonable likelihood that you have received prescription food which is meant to help your cat to feel better during this time.

This will certainly solve your cat’s stomach problems, but only if she eats it. Most of the time, prescribed food is unwanted, and they have no intention of approaching it. As we have already mentioned, seasoning is not an option here. This will simply cause more discomfort in the stomach and cause the problem to last longer. Instead, think outside the box, and the water from drained tuna cans might fit quite well.

We must advise caution here: Be careful not to feed the royal tuna, as this can be detrimental to them in large quantities. Instead, just pour the water out of the can. This leaves prescription foods with a much better flavor and hopefully allows your cat to participate in their temporary diet.