Can Bearded Dragons Climb?

YES, bearded dragons can definitely climb. If you are surprised to hear this, it’s not your fault because all of us are accustomed to seeing bearded dragons in horizontal tanks that are not very tall. Bearded dragons belong to the “semi-arboreal” group of animals. Semi-arboreal animals are actually land animals but also spend most of their time (especially day time) on the trees. Bearded dragons spend most of their day time climbing trees for different purposes in the wild. However, their climbing behavior is not very evident in captivity because their vivariums are not very tall. Therefore, most of the beardie’s fanciers are unaware that their bearded friends can climb too.

The climbing behavior of bearded dragons seems a fascinating topic. And now after knowing that bearded dragons can climb, you may also be eager to know, “do bearded dragons really like to climb” “why bearded dragons climb,” “how high a bearded dragon can climb,” “How you can Provide Climbing Facility To Bearded Dragons In Captivity,” etc. So we decided to disclose the hidden fact about the climbing ability of bearded dragons. Continue reading because a lot of interesting facts are waiting for you.

Why Bearded Dragons  Climb (Do Bearded Dragons Like to Climb)?

bearded dragon climb

Bearded dragons really enjoy climbing; in fact, climbing is part of their instinct, and they do it every day. There are many possible reasons why bearded dragons climb. Bearded dragons can climb on the trees, bushes, rocks, and even fences, in search of a better basking spot. Bearded dragons in the wild also climb to show their dominance and higher social status. Generally, the bearded dragon, who is at the highest spot, is the most dominant one, and the submissive bearded dragons are lower down the order as per their rank in the hierarchy. In addition to basking and expressing social status, climbing helps bearded dragons ensure their security. From the higher spot, they can see around more clearly and identify any potential predator approaching them from a long distance.

How Good Are Bearded Dragons at Climbing?

Bearded dragons are expert climbers because they have all the necessary accessories required for climbing. As mentioned above, bearded dragons are semi-arboreal and spend significant time off the ground, and climbing is their instinct. In addition, nature has gifted them specifically curved paws (necessary for climbing) and a long tail that they can curl and move side by side to maintain their balance while climbing. However, most beardie owners remain unaware of their ability to climb because they have always seen bearded dragons in horizontal containers that are not very tall. None of us has ever observed how they live in the wild.

How High Can A Bearded Dragon Climb?

Bearded dragons are said to be able to climb more than 2 meters. However, in our opinion,a bearded dragon ascends as much as he needs to in a particular situation. For example, if one bearded dragon is at a certain height, the other will try to occupy a spot higher than the first bearded dragon to prove his dominance. Similarly, in search of a better basking spot (where there is no shade at all), a bearded dragon may climb to a considerable height.

How To Provide Climbing Facility To Bearded Dragons In Captivity

Every pet lover tries to provide an environment closer to their pet’s natural habitat so that his pet can be happy. The same applies to bearded dragon owners. After knowing the above fact, every beardie owner wonders,” How can I provide a climbing facility to my bearded dragon in captivity.”

So we have given a few recommendations that will surely help you to enrich your bearded dragon’s tank and make him happy.


Placing the rocks in the vivarium is a great way to give your bearded dragon something to climb. However, the best way is to pile the rocks to allow the bearded dragon to get as close to the heat source as he wants. Another advantage of piling the rocks is that these rocks also act as an additional hide, and having more hides in the tank is also beneficial for your beardie. However, it is advised to use natural rocks instead of artificial (made of plastic or slate) rocks because artificial rocks may get too hot and burn the skin of your bearded friend.


bearded dragon climb branch

Since bearded dragons climb on the bushes and trees, placing the branches in the beardie’s tanks is another natural way to provide them climbing facility. Again go for natural options and don’t place artificial branches.


bearded dragon hammock

A hammock is another excellent option to enrich the environment of your bearded dragon. Generally, most bearded dragons like to use a hammock because it gives them a sense of security due to its height.

Can Bearded Dragons Climb Stairs?

YES, beardies are capable of climbing stairs. How well they can climb the stairs depend on the surface of the stairs. If the stairs are carpeted, the bearded dragon’s claws can easily grip the surface, and they don’t have any trouble climbing them. However, the type of carpet also matters. Sometimes the claws of your bearded friend can get stuck in the carpet’s loops, so when you let your dragon run between the steps, ensure that you keep an eye on them. Wooden stairs are also mostly painted, making the surface shiny and slippery, so bearded dragons may also find it difficult to climb such wooden stairs.

Can Bearded Dragons Climb Glass?

“NO” Since the glass surface is extremely flat and slippery, and bearded dragons can’t fix their claws on it, so bearded dragons can’t climb on the glass walls of their enclosure. However, sometimes you may have observed your bearded friend trying to climb the glass wall of their chamber. This behavior is called glass surfing, and beardies generally express such behavior when stressed or not comfortable in their habitat (due to any reason).

Can Bearded Dragons Climb Walls?

“NO” Just like the glass walls of the vivarium, our house walls are mostly plane, vertical, and too smooth for a bearded dragon to hold its paws on it. All these things make it impossible for a bearded dragon to climb a wall. However, a beardie can climb a wall if the wall is slightly inclined, made of wood having a rough surface (that is not painted), made of rocks, or has pointed edges that the bearded dragon can grip.


Yes, bearded dragons can climb. In fact, they are excellent climbers and really enjoy climbing in their routine life. However, most beard owners are unaware of their bearded dragon’s climbing ability because they have always seen them in small vivariums and never researched how bearded dragons live in the wild.

Bearded dragons are called “semi-arboreal” (a group of land animals who spend most of their time on the trees or rocks above the ground). They may climb in search of a better basking spot to establish their dominance or to have a better look at their surrounding environment. You can also enrich their enclosure by placing simple accessories, helping them to express and enjoy their natural behavior.