Can Dogs Eat Activia Yogurt?

Many people choose Activia yogurt to improve their digestive health. So considering it’s health benefit and nutritional value, you may be wondering if Activia yogurt is a safe food option for your pet dog as well. But, can dogs eat Activia yogurt? In this article, we will explore whether or not dogs can safely consume … Read more

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Can My Dog Eat Brussels Sprouts?

can dog eat brussels sprout

Dogs are known to be omnivores, meaning they can consume both animal and plant-based foods. However, not all human foods are safe for dogs, and some may even be toxic to them. Brussels sprouts are a vegetable many humans enjoy, and you may wonder if it’s okay to share them with your pet. In this … Read more

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Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced?

dog ear

Everyone has heard of ear piercing, but what about ear piercing for a dog? Can you pierce your dog’s ears? No, you should not pierce your dog’s ears. Piercing a dog’s ear can cause nerve damage that could affect the animal’s hearing and sensitivity in or around its ears. You should avoid expressing yourself through … Read more

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What To Do If Your Dog Ate Glass?

dog ate glass

Dogs can occasionally become overly greedy while eating and will just chow down on their food so quickly that they may unintentionally eat foreign things like glass which can be dangerous to their health. In most cases, the only thing you can do if your dog has eaten glass is to take it to the … Read more

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Why Does My Dog Hump A Certain Blanket?

dog humping blanket

Have you ever found your pup humping a certain blanket or object and wondered what in the world is going on? The behavior can be confusing and embarrassing, but it’s actually quite common. Here are seven possible explanations for why dogs hump a certain blanket or object. Seven Things That Could Lead to Blanket Humping … Read more

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What Do I Do After I Hit My Dog Out Of Anger?

dog physical punishment

We all make mistakes now and then. Unfortunately, some of our errors wind up harming those we love the most. You may have hit your dog because it did something you didn’t like while you were having a terrible day. What impact will that event have on your relationship? Continue reading to find out how … Read more

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