Can You Use Cat Shampoo on Dogs?

dog bath

If you have both cats and dogs in your home, you might consider saving some money and using the shampoo you bought for your cats on your dogs as well, but is that really a good idea? The bottom line is that cats and dogs have different types of skin and therefore, they shouldn’t really … Read more

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Is Chicken Breast Good For Dogs?

chicken breast for dogs

If you have ever read the composition of different food brands, you may have noticed that chicken is a primary ingredient in all feed formulations made for dogs. As far as “Chicken breast” is concerned, YES, chicken breast is good for dogs; in fact, it is the preferred cut from the chicken’s body to feed … Read more

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What Causes Dog Diarrhea At Night?

sad dog

As a dog owner, there is nothing more annoying and frustrating than if you have to clean up dog diarrhea after you wake up in the morning. In fact, it’s never good for your dog to have diarrhea; however, diarrhea at night is a worse scenario. Diarrhea is an indication of many (mild to serious) … Read more

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Can Dogs Eat Corn Starch?

Can Dogs Eat Corn Starch

Corn starch is one food ingredient that most dog owners have never agreed on whether it’s good for dogs to eat.  Some corners say corn starch contains no nutritional value to a dog.  While others, mostly dog food manufacturers, disagree since it is a great binding agent in dog food. Moreover, this ingredient increases the … Read more

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How To Stop Dog From Begging For Treats?

Ways to stop dog from begging for treats

It can go without saying that people tend to enjoy being able to give their dogs treats throughout the day. Not only do the dogs enjoy it, but they tend to be cute and their reactions have their humans coming back to give them more treats. At least, that is ideally the way this kind … Read more

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How Do You Calm a Hyper Dog In a Car?

calm hyper dog in car

Driving is a task that requires immense concentration, and the more distractions you have in the car, the more complicated it can become. In cases such as these, you may dread the idea of bringing your pet into the car, especially dogs that become agitated once they are in the car. Even if the dog … Read more

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