Why is My Crested Gecko Pale?

crested gecko turn pale

Generally, seasoned reptile owners are used to seeing their crested gecko change color and understand that crested gecko turning pale is a normal thing. However, for a novice owner this can be more than a trivial matter. So this article is focused on guiding crested gecko owners (especially novice ones) about the reasons behind crested … Read more

How Often and How Much Should I Feed My Leopard Gecko?

leopard gecko live food

The frequency with which you must feed your leopard gecko will vary according to its growth and health. So, how frequently must you provide your leopard gecko? Baby leopard geckos must be fed every day whereas adults must be fed two to three times each week.Pregnant leopard geckos can resist food, but they should be … Read more

Do Leopard Geckos Change Color as They Age?

leopard gecko color

Leopard geckos often come in a stunning array of colors and patterns that can actually fluctuate over time. Typically, leopard geckos are yellow or gray with various darker patterning. However, it is not uncommon for leopard gecko owners to notice that their gecko is changing color over time. This leads many to wonder if the … Read more

Is My Leopard Gecko Dying? 5 Warning Signs

leopard gecko closed eye

Is My Leopard Gecko Dying? Let’s discuss Leopard Gecko Dying Signs. Leopard geckos are resilient lizards with life spans of up to 20 years and are rarely ill. This means little when you observe your reptilian pet behaving abnormally and dread the worst. Because Leopard Geckos are so resilient, they conceal illness well, and their … Read more

Why Is My Leopard Gecko Not Eating?

leopard gecko not eating

A leopard gecko that refuses to eat for days is one of the biggest nightmare for its owner. This terrible event can cause rookie and experienced leopard gecko owners much anguish and anxiety. To complicate matters, the causes of appetite suppression can differ substantially. However, if your leopard gecko refuses to eat, you need not … Read more

Why Is Your Leopard Gecko Closing One Eye?

leopard gecko eye

Large, round eyes make leopard geckos adorable and curious-looking pets. Sadly, they commonly suffer from eye illnesses, most of which are caused by poor environmental conditions. When their eye is irritated, leopard geckos close only one eye. This might be caused by debris under the eyelid or a stuck scale during the shedding process. Infections, … Read more