Do Bearded Dragons Need Their Nails Cut?

It is really vital to have your bearded dragon’s nails cut or trimmed in a nice manner in order to provide pleasant and safe handling. Because their nails grow quickly, they need to be trimmed on a regular basis (once a month) to avoid them from scratching themselves or getting their nails trapped on anything and becoming harmed.

However, it is not always essential to trim the bearded dragon’s nails. If the vivarium your lizard lives in is filled with packed sand or slate tiles, their nails will naturally become worn down, and you will not need to cut them. It’s possible that you’ll just need to cut their nails occasionally in order to maintain an even length across all of them.

How To Cut The Nails Of A Bearded Dragon?

Make sure you have some nail clippers specifically made for small animals. Such nail clippers make things easier when you are dealing with small animals like bearded dragons. You can use human nail clippers in a pinch, but it will be harder to hold them at the right angle, and the cut will probably not be even.

Check out the nails of your beardie. You’ll notice that the nails are thick for most of their length and thin out at the tip. First, use the nail clippers to cut off the nail’s tip. After you make the first cut, look at the nail to see if you need to take more off. If you need to, trim a little more, but be careful only to cut a small piece of the nail each time, so you don’t hit the quick.

Keeping Your Bearded Dragon’s Stress Level Under Control

It is crucial to handle your bearded dragon’s feet on a regular basis so that he can become accustomed to the sensation. You may also practice opening and closing the clippers and getting him used to the sound by holding the clippers close to his feet. The act of clipping your nails will become simpler and less stressful because of this.

Ensure that your bearded dragon enjoys the experience of having its nails trimmed. Otherwise, the activity can end up becoming more stressful over time. If you see that your bearded dragon is becoming anxious throughout the procedure, you should stop what you’re doing and allow him some time to relax. When you initially begin, you might find that you need to take a break between each foot you trim.

WhyIs It Necessary For Them To Have Their Nails Trimmed?

The first and most obvious reason is that we do not want the sharp, tiny daggers on their hands to pierce our skin while we are holding them. Here, our safety as owners comes first.

The most crucial thing to observe is that the toenails and toes of your bearded friend must stand straight up and are at proper angles to the earth. If their nails are overly long, the toes of beardies (especially baby bearded dragons) can contort in an unnatural position. This will be a painful experience for your dragon, and it will make it difficult for it to gain traction when climbing or digging.

beardie nails

Bearded dragons enjoy climbing, but if their claws are too long, it might be difficult for them to do so. They also have a preference for sleeping on branches, where they anchor themselves in place with their claws. They will have an easier time with this if their nails are of a reasonable length.

In addition to this, we want to check that there is nothing that may potentially trap them. When the claws of a bearded dragon are too long and too sharp, they have the potential to become entangled in many objects (especially if you use reptile carpet for your substrate).

How Often Do You Have To Trim The Nails Of Your Beardie?

There is no one rule that always applies. The important thing is to do it when it’s needed.

We trim the nails of our bearded dragon every few months, but we probably could do it a little more often. Some beardies may never need to get their nails trimmed, depending on how active they are, what they eat, and the substrate you use.

What If It Seems Difficult For Me To Clip My Beardie’s Nails?

Your veterinarian should be able to help you. If you feel uncomfortable, having them show you the first time might not be a bad idea. Live instruction and practical demonstration is the only way to learn.

Also, check with a reptile store near you or see if there are regular reptile shows in your area. Both could be good places to look for someone who can help.

Can A File Be Used Instead Of Clippers?

Yes! If your beardie will sit still long enough for you to use a file or an emery board, that’s a great alternative to clippers. Just follow the same steps as you would for clipping, but only try to get rid of the sharp tip.

The Nails On My Bearded Dragon Grow Too Fast

bearded dragon nail

You can put some things in the cage of your bearded dragon that will help trim its nails. These are things like rocks and wooden logs. Your pet will naturally wear down their nails as they climb on them and rub their nails against them.

Porcelain tile is another excellent thing to look for. You can get these at a hardware store, flip them over, so the furniture side is on the bottom, and put them in the tank. Make sure to put it somewhere you know your bearded dragon will use it, like by their water bowl or climbing tree. Your bearded dragon will use it for both basking and filing its nails.

This is a great way to keep their nails short without putting you or your pet through extra stress. If you leave these things where they belong, they’ll do the work for you.

Considerations and Conclusions

Since you now know how to clip the claws of your bearded dragon, you will be able to ensure that it continues to have a long and happy life! It is vital to remember to trim their nails for both their health and yours, and it is a simple chore that you can master relatively fast. It is also important to remember that trimming their nails is not difficult. After all, this is pretty easy, isn’t it?