How to Reduce Stress for Cats When Moving?


Cats find comfort in familiar surroundings, making it especially difficult for them to move into a new home.  If you are planning on moving,here are some great tips on how to reduce your cat’s stress and anxiety.

Make sure the moving day goes smoothly by preparing your feline ahead of time. 

Familiarize Your Cat with the Carrier

If your kitty is not used to a carrier, work on getting your cat comfortable with one before you move.  This process should begin at least several weeks before the moving date.

Follow these steps:

  • Keep the carrier where your cat likes to hang out. 
  • Once your cat is used to having the carrier around, put a treat inside of it.  Your kitty will be tempted to step inside the carrier and will associate it with pleasure.
  • Place the treats a little further back each day, causing your cat to take more steps into the carrier.
  • When your cat is comfortable walking into the carrier, try closing the door.

Stick to the Routine

Moving can be a hectic time but do your best to keep your cat’s routine normal.  Your little furball is probably already stressed so it is important to keep some consistency in daily activities.

Make Time for Your Cat

No matter how busy you are with packing, spend some time with your feline every day.  This will help to keep your cat calm during the moving day preparations. 

Make an Appointment with Your Vet     

If your cat is prone to severe anxiety, it might be necessary to use anti-anxiety products.  You should seek guidance from your vet.

Reduce Your Cat’s Stress on Moving Day

Moving day can be difficult for your cat.  Follow the tips below to reduce your cat’s stress and avoid disaster.

Feed Your Cat Less

The craziness of moving probably has your cat anxious, which could cause an upset tummy.  Prevent this by feeding your cat smaller meals on moving day. 

Keep Your Cat in One Room

While loading boxes in the car and moving truck, it is easiest to leave the front door open so that you can go in and out. 

But that is not safe for your cat, who might be tempted to sneak out the door.  Avoid heartache by keeping your cat in one room and closing that room’s door.

Getting Inside the Carrier

Once most of the boxes have been loaded and you are about ready to take off, it is time for your cat to get inside the carrier.  If you have prepared ahead of time, your furry friend will not give you any trouble. 

While traveling, do not let your cat out of the carrier when you stop the car for a break.  This could end in disaster if your kitty manages to break free.

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