How to Train Puppy to Use Training Pads?

Congratulations on your new puppy! Raising a puppy can be exciting for any pet parent, but it also requires a lot of work. One of the key things to do is to train your pup to go potty where you want him to, and using puppy pads (also called potty pads) is one of the ways to teach your furry friend to know where to use the bathroom. If you are looking to train your pup to use a puppy pad, the following tips can help you get started.

Choose a potty pad

The first step towards training your pup to use a potty pad is to decide the brand of the pee pad and the size you want to get for your pup. It is critical to check for durability as well as a size that is larger than what you need for more coverage. Also, be sure to settle on all of these as changing pads might confuse your pet.

Choose a potty spot

The next thing to do is to choose a location that is easy for your pup to reach whenever the need arises. It is best to designate a spot where you can easily keep an eye on your pet but also out of the way of your home’s heaviest foot traffic. Make sure it is an area that can serve that purpose for some fairly long period as moving it often can interfere with your pup’s training.

Take your puppy to the potty pad

In the beginning, you will need to take your pup to the potty pad often. A puppy cannot hold his bladder for too long, so consider escorting your pup every 1-2 hours. Since you are training your pup, you might also want to use a leash to guide your puppy to the potty. You can also take the training a notch higher by keeping a chart of your pup’s successes and failures, so you can identify the times of the day your pup needs help.

Praise your puppy

When your puppy does “his business” on the mat, give him lots of praise and treats. Showering your furry friend with praise is a good way to reinforce positive behavior. Be sure to have treats with you when your pup goes to the potty pad so you can give him immediately after he uses it.

No punishment

No matter how much you want your puppy to learn to use the potty, you need to realize that training takes time. Accidents may occur even after several training sessions, so be prepared so you can handle them well. If you catch him in the act of having an accident, simply take him quickly to pad. Yelling, frightening, or punishing your pet will only make him lose interest in the training in the long run so make sure you do not overreact when accidents happen.


When it comes to training a puppy to use the potty, consistency is key. You may have to repeat the same routine for about two weeks so you can increase the chances of your pup going in the right direction.