How Long Can a Crested Gecko Go Without Water?

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If you have to be away from your home for a few days, there are several things that you can do to ensure the well-being of your crested gecko. Whether you’re wondering if your crested gecko needs a water bowl or whether they require more hydration than you may have realized, what are the minimum … Read more

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Smell Like Fish?

bearded dragon smell bad

Naturally, when you want to adopt a pet, you want to get basic information about it. This is true for reptile lovers too who wish to adopt a bearded dragon. “Do bearded dragons smell?” is one of the few questions reptile fanciers frequently ask. In addition, many first time beardie owners feel (a few weeks … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Throw Up?

bearded dragon throw up

In this post, we will try to answer another most commonly asked question by novice bearded dragon owners “can bearded dragons throw up?” In fact, many experienced beardie owners get frightened when they see their bearded friend throwing up. Yes, bearded dragons can throw up. Vomiting or throwing up is never a good sign however … Read more

 Do Guinea Pigs Clean Themselves?

guinea pig bath

Guinea pigs are adorable and entertaining pets, but it is important to know if they can take care of themselves. Many people wonder if guinea pigs clean themselves, and the answer is actually yes. They are small, active and cuddly, and they are easy to care for. They are generally clean animals and have a … Read more

Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced?

dog ear

Everyone has heard of ear piercing, but what about ear piercing for a dog? Can you pierce your dog’s ears? No, you should not pierce your dog’s ears. Piercing a dog’s ear can cause nerve damage that could affect the animal’s hearing and sensitivity in or around its ears. You should avoid expressing yourself through … Read more

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What Animal Eats Bearded Dragons?

beardie predators

While looking at the name given to these reptiles “dragon,” you may have assumed that they are at the top of the food pyramid. However, facts are  bit different and you may be surprised to read that bearded dragons are the favorite meal of many animals and birds due to their small size in the … Read more