5 Quick Tips To A Smarter Dogs

If you are wondering if all dogs are equally smart, then you have to know that not all dogs are born equal. While there are some breeds which are more intelligent than others, there are still some dogs who might even struggle with basic commands. So the question now is how are you going to train your canine friend to become smart? Or what can you do to help develop the dog’s intelligence?

Here are some of  quick tips to a smarter dog that will ensure that both you and your dog will be equally happy and smart!

Start Early

Dogs that are trained while they were still puppy are more trainable. So, you should definitely  train your puppy the day you bring it home. Training early means that you have the opportunity to mould your dog into a well-behaved pet that you want. The other advantage of early training is that it enhances their this type of intelligence. Example would be, dogs that were trained to fetch while they were still puppies are more enthusiastic retrievers than those dogs who where trained to fetch in later stages of their life.

Interactive dog toys

You should get toys that will help to stimulate the dog to think. One example is buying an interactive dog treat dispenser. Typically, for such interactive tools, your dog will need to solve a short puzzle in order to get the treat that is hidden in the treat dispenser. This forces your dog to literally think out of the box, and hence helping to develop its mental capacity.

Training your dog

This is one of the easiest way to ensure that your dog is smart. You should always try to ensure that your dog is constantly learning new tricks, new commands etc. This will ensure that their mind is always constantly stimulated hence helping to develop the dog’s intelligence. Some owners tend to stop training their dog once their pet learnt what the owner intended for the dog to understand. This is detrimental as the dog would not be able to learn new things hence doing commands just based on rote learning.

Hide and seek

What you can do is break up the dog’s treats and hide them around the house. Your dog will then activate all of the senses just to locate that small little delicious treat. This is a good form of brain exercise for them rather than just plainly feeding them with treats.You can also play hide and seek with them. Hide in one small corner of the house and call out the dog’s name.

More outdoors, less indoors

An active mind is an intelligent mind. This is very true for dogs too. By being active, the dog’s mind will be stimulated for optimal growth rather than being a couch potato. Try to bring the dog for regular runs or any other form of outdoor activity. As your dog starts to exercise more, it will also help to build up your dog’s intelligence.


One of the key takeaways is that there are indeed many ways that you can help your dog to become smarter. From the interactive dog toys to the activities that you can conduct with your dog, each of it will help to develop your dog’s mental capacity. Be sure to vary the events so that everything remains fresh to the dog, which is also an important ingredient in having a smarter dog.