The Importance of Socializing and Training Your Dog

Perhaps you are thinking that any kind of dog training might change the wonderful connection you currently have with your dog. His antics may be adorable,you think he is cute whenever he tries to jump up at you and even your neighbors or you think he is smart whenever he scratches up doors to get out but surely your dog’s unimpressed victims won’t agree with you. Even if it is not human, your dog too, is expected  to have some form of discipline.

Most dogs bark annoyingly and chase others whenever you take them out on walks and even growl so much at your guests’ children that you have to cage it during parties and visit and you think these are all okay thinking this is what all dogs do but well, not really. Dogs can be polite and obedient too when it is properly socialized and trained.

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Can You Really Train Your Dog?

Maybe at first you are thinking you don’t have any sort of authority to command your dog and make it obey or you just plain don’t want to treat your dog harshly but really that is okay. As a dog owner, you are not at all expected to instantly transform into a TV-famous dog trainer and also you are absolutely right about denouncing that highly ineffective idea of being “the boss” when dealing with a pet.

What you do need to change though is your basic understanding of what obedience training really is because dog training actually is not a means to try to “humanize” a dog. Dog training does not mean teaching it human rules or trying to make it more human-like.

What dog training, in fact,is a means to improve your relationship with your pet and of course, it is also a way to make it more sociable towards other people and/or pets.

But why?

Socializing Your Pet

The truth is, most of us pet owners spend a huge amount of time working in the office daily. The very little time we have left, we use it to have some form of socialization with our family members and pets. We stroll at the park after work hours or go to a friend’s house with our dogs, but if our pet’s behavior suddenly becomes unfriendly and in some situation dangerous then we just have to keep it at home, all alone, so eventually our dog almost no longer becomes a part of our day-to-day lives.

But just like human beings, our dogs, too, get lonely and depressed whenever it is left alone in our house with no one to pat its head and show affection. The dog is ultimately deprived of enjoying all the activities it craves and the company it needs. It will surely strained your relationship with your canine friend.

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How Obedience Training Can Help?

Dog obedience training is a way to let your dog better cope with its immediate space and the community around it. It gives a dog a chance for an easier life and also makes them much easier to live with.  No matter where or with whom you are going, socializing and training your dog will give you loads of opportunity to spend quality time with your favorite pet companion.

So just get to it and give your dog a good patting, and then take it out for some training. Just a few magic words as sit, come, and stay can change your entire relationship with your beloved pet.

By providing training, you will be doing great service to your dog because behavioral problems are one of the main reason for abandonment or euthanasia of pets.