Why Do Bearded Dragons Bob Their Heads?

bearded dragon bob

Bearded dragons are unique creatures that exhibit a lot of bizarre behavior that not only feel amazing to see but sometimes also confuse the owners (especially the novice owners), and they wonder why their beardies are showing such behavior. Among all the weird actions, head bobbing and arm waving are the most interesting and fascinating … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Broccoli?

bearded dragon broccoli

Since bearded dragons are omnivore animals, they can eat animal and plant-based diets. Vegetables are a source of many essential nutrients that bearded dragons need to thrive and grow. In the wild, bearded dragons eat a variety of vegetables. However, all vegetables are not suitable for your beardie. So when in captivity, you must know … Read more

Do Bearded Dragons Get Bored? 

bored bearded dragon

Have you seen your bearded dragon scratching the glass wall of the enclosure? Bearded dragons generally exhibit this behavior when they are bored or stressed. Obviously, like any pet owner, we want to ensure that our bearded friend is amused, entertained, happy and healthy (both physically and mentally). So it is natural for any responsible … Read more

Can My Bearded Dragon Live Outside A Tank? 

bearded dragon outside

No doubt pet lovers nowadays are pretty knowledgeable and make sure to provide the best possible environment for their pets. As bearded dragon fanciers, we also make a lot of effort in maintaining enclosures for our beardies (like arranging basking light, UV Bulbs, temperature gradient, hides, rocks, wood, and branches) to keep our bearded friends … Read more

Why Do Bearded Dragons Wave Arm? 

bearded dragon arms

Bearded dragons are unique and distinct reptiles not only in terms of their look and habitat requirements but also in terms of their curious body language. If I ask, do bearded dragons exhibit some human action or behavior? Novice beardie owners will be surprised, “what! Do bearded dragons really express some human actions” but many … Read more

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Scraping The Glass?

bearded dragon tank

Bearded dragons are distinct and captivating creatures not only by their appearance but also by their unique behavior and body language. Often they exhibit strange behavior (like arm waving, head bobbing, puffing up, etc.), and glass scraping is one of them. This behavior is also called glass surfing. Although showing such signs occasionally is normal, … Read more