Why Did My Bearded Dragon Turn White?

bearded dragon turn white

Like other pets, bearded dragons have their own ways of communicating, and they display changes in mood, emotions, well-being, health and feelings through a variety of behaviors. However, some behavioral changes may be difficult for a novice owner to understand. Changes in body color, arm-waving, black beard and head bobbing are a few ways that … Read more

How Do I Make My Bearded Dragon Poop? 

bearded dragon

Generally, bearded dragons don’t suffer from many medical issues and make healthy pets. However, if you have never had a bearded dragon or are a new Beardie’s fancier, you may not have any idea how much-bearded dragon owners are concerned about their pet’s poop. They even keep a complete record of when, how much, what … Read more

 Do Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Each Other?

baby bearded dragons

There are many people who like to keep bearded dragons as a pet; in fact, a large number of dragon lovers own more than one bearded dragon. As a dragon fancier (who is looking to own a dragon), you may have heard many weird things about bearded dragons. Like bearded dragons eat their babies, or … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Get Depressed?

Can Bearded Dragons Get Depressed

Bearded dragons are popular pets for people who love reptiles, but you have to remember that their life in the wild is much different than their life in your home where they’re kept in a cage all the time. One of the biggest problems is that in the wild, bearded dragons are constantly stimulated and … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mint Leaves?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mint Leaves

Many people who have pet bearded dragons also have a garden where they grow vegetables and herbs. If mint is one of the things you grow, you may wonder if you can feed it to your lizard. Mint leaves have high water content and they don’t have any harmful substances in them, so you can … Read more

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Sleep in the Corner?

Bearded Dragon Sleeping in the Corner

If you have a bearded dragon, you probably enjoy watching it to see how it behaves. If you have seen it sleeping in the corner, you may wonder why. There are actually a number of reasons that this can happen, and it is important for you to understand them so that you can recognize when … Read more