Why Is My Bearded Dragon Digging Crazy?

bearded dragon digging

Before going into more details, I would like to reassure you that digging is a natural behavior found in bearded dragons. In the wild, bearded dragons often dig for many reasons but mostly to dig caves to hide in it. Forced by their instinct, they express digging behavior in captivity also. So being a novice … Read more

Why Do Bearded Dragons Hold Their Mouths Open?

bearded dragon open mouth

Although bearded dragons make a good pet, they are different pets altogether regarding their look, husbandry needs, unique behavior, and characteristics. They often make strange moves like head bobbing, puffing up, arms waving, etc., but the behavior that looks most weird is holding their mouths open constantly. Most of their strange actions are due to … Read more

Do Bearded Dragons Grow To The Size Of Their Tank?

bearded dragon tank

When I first adopted a bearded dragon, many experienced beardie owners advised me that keeping them in a large enclosure would help them attain maximum growth. When I researched, I found that no doubt, a spacious chamber is good not only for the growth but also for the overall health of bearded dragons. However, enclosure … Read more

Will A Bearded Dragon Starve Itself?

bearded dragon eat

Every living organism needs to eat food to get the energy required to carry out the body’s internal metabolic functions and other routine activities to survive. No animal will deliberately starve itself, and bearded dragons are no exception. Yes, bearded dragons never starve themselves at will. If your bearded friend is not eating, there must … Read more

How Many Hours Of Heat Do Bearded Dragons Need?

heat for bearded dragon

Owning a Bearded dragon as a pet is a bit different experience than owning a dog or cat because dogs and cats can survive in the same environment we live in, and very few adjustments are required regarding housing and environment control. While bearded dragons live in a small enclosure, so you need to make … Read more

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Make Weird Noises?

bearded dragon sound

Dogs, cats, and birds (the most popular pets globally) produce different voices to communicate with other animals and their owners. They often test your and your neighbor’s patience by making too much noise. Therefore, reptiles (especially bearded dragons) are a good option if you don’t like too much noise because making voices is not their … Read more