Why Do My Bearded Dragons Eyes Look Sunken In?

sunken bearded dragon eye

At first sight, the bearded dragons look hardy and resistant to diseases. However, like all other pets, they can get ill or develop some medical issues if you are not managing them well. As a novice fancier of bearded dragons, the first issue that can make you fretful and panic is when you see the … Read more

Do Baby Bearded Dragons Sleep A Lot? 

baby bearded dragon

Like humans, bearded dragons are diurnal, which means they sleep after the sunset and perform their routine life activities during the daytime. So don’t be surprised if you find your bearded dragon sleeping for many hours continuously.  When it comes to baby bearded dragons, “YES” baby bearded dragons sleep a lot more than adult beardies. … Read more

Can Bearded Dragon Hear?

bearded dragon ear

Talking with your companion (human or animal) is an excellent way to develop trust and a mutual bond. Many bearded dragon owners frequently ask, “can bearded dragons hear?” Especially novice beardie owners are forced to consider or ask this question because they are excited to talk to their bearded dragons (or talk every day) but … Read more

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Puff Up At Me?

angry bearded dragon

In addition to vocal communication, all animals use their physical gestures or body language to express their emotions under different circumstances. A pet owner can only ensure his pet’s physical and mental well-being if he understands his body language.  Bearded dragons puff up very often, and it’s normal. However, novice beardie’s owners get worried or … Read more

Do Bearded Dragons Like To Be Stroked?

stroking bearded dragon

Petting is an excellent way to show love and develop a mutual bond with your pet. You may have seen almost all pet owners (especially dog and cat owners) petting their pets. However, as a bearded dragon’s owner (or if you are contemplating getting one), you may be confused “should I pet my bearded dragon … Read more

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Yellow Squash?

bearded dragon yellow squash

Bearded dragons fall in the group of omnivorous animals, which means they can both consume food from plant and animal sources. As far as Yellow squash is concerned, YES, Bearded dragons can definitely eat Yellow squash. In fact, for the nutrients they require to live a long and fulfilling life, bearded dragons require a diverse … Read more