Is My Puppy Sick or Just Tired?

Puppy Sick Tired

People are generally used to seeing their puppies full of energy, running around the house and trying to play with any object that moves. Because of this, when people see their puppies still and unmoving, it can be worrisome. Puppies are much like young children in the sense that they tend to tucker themselves out … Read more

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Signs Dog is Jealous of Baby

dog jealous of baby

Bringing a baby into a household is a large adjustment for everyone. For the parents, it is a massive change in routine and responsibilities. Any other children in the house may be unsure, excited, or nervous about the addition of an infant. However, a lot of people don’t think about pets and how a pet … Read more

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Understand Dog Body Language

Dog body language

Unlike people, dogs do not exactly talk. Though they do communicate vocally in many other ways (listed below), their primary method of communication is done visually. In fact, some would say dogs can tell you in a fraction of a second just by looking at them what it could take some people hours! Our dogs … Read more

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The Importance of Socializing and Training Your Dog

Socializing Training Dog

Perhaps you are thinking that any kind of dog training might change the wonderful connection you currently have with your dog. His antics may be adorable,you think he is cute whenever he tries to jump up at you and even your neighbors or you think he is smart whenever he scratches up doors to get … Read more

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5 Quick Tips To A Smarter Dogs

Tips For Smarter Dogs

If you are wondering if all dogs are equally smart, then you have to know that not all dogs are born equal. While there are some breeds which are more intelligent than others, there are still some dogs who might even struggle with basic commands. So the question now is how are you going to … Read more

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Warning Signs of Dog Depression

Signs of Dog Depression

Our 4-legged friends can experience periods of depression for a variety of reasons.They suffer from depression because they are stressed, anxious, disoriented or feel neglected. But, how do you detect these signs of depression? How do you help your dog get better?Dog depression is not always easy to interpret but can be followed with lots … Read more

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